The Future’s Bright?!

The Girl: I’d like to be a mummy when I’m old like you.

Me: When you grow up, not when you’re old. I’m not old. But yes that’s a good idea, it’s fun being a mummy.

The Girl: Will you help me when I’m a mummy? 

Me: Of course. If I can, I will. Even when you’re grown up you will still be my baby… 

…Wistfully day dreaming that my baby girl will always need her mummy…

The Girl: Thank you…..I will need you to pay the Doctor who gets it out of my tummy. I think they only take card. 

Apparently she is predicting the downfall of the NHS and her future dependency on The Bank of Mum and Dad. Did I did give birth to a “super forecaster”? I have a horrible feeling she just might be spot on. 

Suppose I had better go back to work then… in the NHS….to support The Bank of Mum and Dad…. 

Author: motherinthehouse

I am Helen, although more commonly known as “Mum" or "Doc". I have a couple of other roles along side of this. - I’m a a wife, to another junior doctor (yawn) - who specialises in willies and wee. - A daughter to a Yorkshire man and a Scottish lady, an undeniably great combo resulting an ability to be super frugal drunk. - A sister to two older brothers therefore the victim of years of 'character building' experiences. - A northerner who travelled down to the midlands for uni and never quite made it back. Yet. - A friend, to some, for over 25 years, and still can’t shake them off; at this stage they know too much. - An aunty to two boisterous nephews residing stateside, and a local niece. - A daughter- and sister-in-law; having lacked sisters growing up I'm now lucky enough to have acquired 4. - A neighbour to The Deputy, The General and their wives, amongst other retirees. - A slimmer and a swimmer, albeit neither particularly successfully just now. - A gardener, chef, cleaner, washing machine operator, carrier bag collector, and now after much persuasion (borderline bullying) and a 30 quid investment, a keen blogger!

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