Hi Ho Hi Ho…

Dinner conversation tonight with The Girl:

“Mummy you’re going to work tomorrow?” 


“Mummy, do you love work?”

“Erm, well I like work, and it’s important that I do work.” 
“Mummy which do you love more, work or me?”
“Hands down you, easiest question ever, definitely you.”
“Well then why can’t we stay at home together tomorrow instead?”
And with that, all my composure and pretence of taking things in my stride has gone. I’m broken. Officially broken. 
No one ask me if I’m feeling ok tomorrow. 
I will definitely cry. 
Whilst being very British about it and answering “I’m fine, I’m fine” and desperately searching for the nearest loo to weep in…

Author: motherinthehouse

I am Helen, although more commonly known as “Mum" or "Doc". I have a couple of other roles along side of this. - I’m a a wife, to another junior doctor (yawn) - who specialises in willies and wee. - A daughter to a Yorkshire man and a Scottish lady, an undeniably great combo resulting an ability to be super frugal drunk. - A sister to two older brothers therefore the victim of years of 'character building' experiences. - A northerner who travelled down to the midlands for uni and never quite made it back. Yet. - A friend, to some, for over 25 years, and still can’t shake them off; at this stage they know too much. - An aunty to two boisterous nephews residing stateside, and a local niece. - A daughter- and sister-in-law; having lacked sisters growing up I'm now lucky enough to have acquired 4. - A neighbour to The Deputy, The General and their wives, amongst other retirees. - A slimmer and a swimmer, albeit neither particularly successfully just now. - A gardener, chef, cleaner, washing machine operator, carrier bag collector, and now after much persuasion (borderline bullying) and a 30 quid investment, a keen blogger!

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