Fat club

So 7 months post baby, I’m breast feeding, and I’m gaining weight. One of my main motivations for breastfeeding was the additional calories I would get to consume for free (oh and of course all the bonding, antibodies blah blah blah… ) so feeling pretty cheated by Mother Nature and my sweet tooth, I decided to take myself to fat club before things get out of hand. 

It turns out I have 18lbs to lose. So I get on board. I stay “to group” as this will definitely ensure I instantly shed a few pounds. I do instantly shed 18lb as The Boy is whisked away and passed around the room. He happily offers a ‘batwing’ work out by jumping around on the attendees knees, grinning at the round smiling faces and grabbing hair, glasses and double chins galore.  

The first discussion is on how best to eat chips without gaining weight and I’m a convert. This is my type of diet and essentially provides an hours free child care where my hands are free to do such things as drink tea, pick food debris from my clothes and yes, of course, I take full advantage and achieve that moment of bliss much desired by parents of little ones the world over. I peed. Alone. 

So I leave the meeting, psychologically prepped for a big week of slimming, I’ve got a book full of recipes, an app and a small portion of anxiety regarding mounting the scales next week. 

However, I return home to half a pack of cherry bakewells and an open bottle of wine. Phil’s on call (again), the kids are finally in bed and I don’t have work in the morning….Diet day one; fail.